Fertility Education – 5 Talking Points Women Would Like Included

Fertility Education Besscription.comSex education was marred by controversies when it was introduced in schools, but if you recollect, it only centered on measures to take to prevent pregnancy. When the time comes for you to have a baby, you try to work your brain to its fullest capability only to discover there is nothing fundamental you learned.

According to a recently conducted research in U.S. by Fertility Centers of Illinois, which sample about 1,208 women between the ages of 25 to 45 who had never given birth, there was a big knowledge gap regarding infertility education. Below are some of the highlights of the research study:

1.A Greater Percentage of Women Want their Gynecologists to Talk About Fertility Education during OB-GYN visits

Most people are not well aware that fertility conversations are supposed to be prompted by the patient and not the physician, at least according to the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. But the big paradox is how you are supposed to initiate a talk about your fertility when you have no idea there is even anything about fertility to have a candid conversation about, or mull over.

According to the research study, about 89% of the participants concurred that fertility education should get some airtime at OB-GYN visits. The respondents further said that had they had this fertility education early enough; they could have banished any worries that come along with infertility.

2.Most Women Responded that Sex Education Should Include Fertility Talk

As we’ve mentioned earlier, for a long time, sex education has centered on how not to get pregnant. The women in the study pointed out that they would have preferred and paid more attention to real sex education, meaning education that centers on relationships, love, desire and making babies.

3.Most Women Disliked That They Were Never Educated about the Ovulation problems

About 50% of the respondents in the research study opened up to the fact that they were never schooled that ovarian reserves weaken after hitting 35 years and that the rate of miscarriage multiplies and pregnancy at this age is deemed risky. Well over a third of the respondents confided that they had never met or heard of any infertility statistic. This is a shocking revelation since according to WHO, 1 in 8 couples have infertility related problems and over 7.4 million women have indulged in infertility services.

4.Whether to Indulge in Egg Freezing

Egg freezing is not a very common phenomenon among women population but the research survey found out otherwise. The research findings indicated only 8% of the women had never heard of it. But the shocking statistic is that over 49% of women had actually heard of egg freezing but had no knowledge of its details. Just 36% of respondents knew few ins and outs of egg freezing while 7% knew a lot more about it. A shocking 40% of women sampled said they would have indulged in egg freezing had they known about it and recognized that it was quite challenging for women above 35 years to give birth.

5.Most Women Registered a Few Regrets not to Have Known about Infertility at their 20s.

Well over half of the women of 35 years and above involved in the research study responded that they would have surely made different life approaches if they knew firsthand about infertility in their early 20s.

The researchers also posed a question asking if they had the chance to start over again, what they would have done. Most responded that they would have had kids when they were young. 45% of respondents said they would have had at least one kid by then. 25 % said they would have had 2 kids. Just 45% responded to the contrary saying they wouldn’t have had kids at a younger age.

Here is the bottom-line. If the thought of having kids in the future creeps in your mind, the conversation with your doctor should start today; it’s never too early to talk about this. You might not have the slightest talking about fertility education, but just be an open book and set the ball rolling.

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