How a DHEA Supplement Can Boost Health in Men and Women

dhea supplement

What Is DHEA?

DHEA is an endogenous steroid neurotransmitter naturally created by the adrenal glands during a person’s life. It serves as a biological precursor of both male and female hormones produced by the body. Levels of DHEA for women or men generally reach their summit at around age 20 and wane quickly after the age of 25. Studies imply that traditional medical treatment supplemented by DHEA could enhance a person’s standard of living, help the body to prevent inflammation, and foster good joint flexibility and bone strength.

What Is DHEA 25?

DHEA 25 supplements are 25mg capsules containing 99% pure dehydroepiandrosterone derived from plant sources by Testalogix. DHEA is reputed to enhance well-being, boost energy levels, and keep bones healthy for both men and women.

DHEA Supplement Dosage Information

While the appropriate dosing of a DHEA supplement varies for every person, the current suggested dosage of DHEA for women to boost fertility is one 25 mg capsule taken three times daily, for a maximum of 75 mg each day. Your medical practitioner might have you begin with a lower dosage of DHEA and slowly boost the amount taken if necessary. It can usually be safely combined with other dietary supplements, apart from inositol.

Theralogix is Approved by NSF International

Theralogix is devoted to offering nothing but the best-quality dietary supplements. DHEA 25 has been privately evaluated by NSF International, a nonprofit corporation that creates and tests consumer health and safety standards for product reliability, pureness, and pollutant levels. NSF’s guidelines forbid total certification and access to the NSF emblem’s privileges for any outlawed sports supplement, and that includes DHEA.
Produced in a Factory Certified by NSF
The center where DHEA 25 is produced has been certified by NSF and maintains full compliance with all GMPs (Good Manufacturing Practices). These policies establish the production procedures and record-keeping that guarantee a product’s strength, purity, and worth.

The Theralogix Medical Advisory Board

The top doctors and researchers on the Theralogix Medical Advisory Board regularly convene to monitor all supplement productions, so there’s no question that this DHEA supplement is reviewed on an ongoing basis to ensure its current quality and effectiveness.

Features and Benefits of DHEA 25

A pharmaceutical-quality DHEA supplement containing 25 milligrams of plant-sourced DHEA per pill.
The only currently available DHEA supplement to be privately evaluated by NSF for product reliability and pureness.
According to publicly-released studies, it may promote fertility and provide ovarian support in women who are trying to have children.
May enhance a person’s standard of living and aid in maintaining bone wellness, along with promoting peace of mind in elderly individuals.

A Word of Caution

Careful, wise usage of a DHEA supplement can be one effective aspect of a steady health routine as advised by your medical practitioner. Due to the fact that some health supplements can produce unwanted side effects, exacerbate other illnesses, or combine dangerously with prescribed drugs, Theralogix dietary supplements are suggested to be taken under the direction of your general practitioner.

DHEA usage could have hormonal complications and might lower the body’s amount of HDL cholesterol. Nursing or pregnant women should avoid taking DHEA 25, as well as women with adenomyosis, ovarian cysts, or liver difficulties. People with any type of hormone-linked cancer, including breast or thyroid cancer, are also not advised to use DHEA 25. People that have any type of diabetic condition should only take DHEA 25 if approved to by their medical practitioner.

In addition, this product (like the vast majority of nutritional supplements) is not required to be FDA-certified, as it isn’t created to diagnose or treat any specific illness.