Male Factor Problems

Male factor problems can include structural abnormalities, sperm production disorders, immunologic disorders and ejaculatory disturbances.
Structural Abnormalities

These occur in the reproductive tract and are made up of obstructions where sperm of seminal fluid is blocked. Some of these conditions are congenital (present at birth) or may occur as a result of a urogenital tract infection or from surgery.

Sperm Production Disorders

This happens when there is inhibited production of sperm. Conditions include varicocele, vasectomy, and sperm production problems.

Immunologic Disorders

These disorders consist of the sperm being unable to reach or penetrate the female’s reproductive systems. This could be a result of endocrine disorders or antisperm antibodies.

Ejaculatory Disturbances

This is a condition where sperm is unable to reach the female. This can be a result of impotence or retrograde ejaculation.