What is Gonal-f And Why Are So Many Infertility Issues Being Resolved


Most women have the desire to have a family. Giving birth to a child is one of the greatest gifts in this life. However, for more than 25 percent of women, having a child is difficult due to infertility issues. Some women do not ovulate at all while others have problems keeping things regular. Stress and sickness can also affect the ovulation schedule too. There are a wide variety of treatments available that can help with ovulation problems, but some may work for some women while others do not do anything. Thankfully, the introduction of Gonal F is giving women the chance to start the family they have always wanted.

What is Gonal F?
Gonal F is a synthetic version of the FSH hormone that helps a woman’s body produce eggs. This hormone helps the egg to not only develop, but it also allows it to mature. This hormone was created to help those whose infertility is caused by primarily ovarian failure. There is also a male version of this hormone called Gonal-f RFF. It is known to stimulate sperm production.

How to Use Gonal F
Gonal F is a prefilled pen that has hormones inside for quick injections. Before touching the pen, make sure to thoroughly wash the hands. The supplies needed are the needle, alcohol swabs, and the pen. Make sure the pen is not expired. The date can clearly be seen on the side of the pen or the original box. The medication should be clear and free of particles. Remove the seal from the needle cap and attach to the top of the pen. Screw the needle and it will lock into place. Make sure there are no air bubbles.

Set the dose setting knob according to what the doctor agreed too. There are different injection sites that can be used. The leg, abdomen, and arm are the most commonly used. Select a different injection site each time to minimize irritation. Clean the area with the swab and then inject the needle into the skin. The needle needs to be kept into the skin for 10 seconds. When completed the dose window should show zero.

How Does Gonal F Work
Inside the pen is a synthetic hormone known as follitropin alfa. This hormone replaces the bodied version known as FSH. This hormone will affect the female ovaries and male testicles. It stimulates the production of follicles and thus produces more eggs. It is quickly become one of the first treatments of infertility due to its high success rate. What is Gonal F? Well, it is a hormonal injection that is helping tens of thousands of women produce eggs and become pregnant with a viable pregnancy.

Side Effects of Gonal F Injections
The side effects of Gonal f pen are about the same as one can expect with any other hormonal treatment. Those who have thyroid or adrenal problems that are not under control should not use this product. Also, those who think they may be pregnant should avoid usage. Those with asthma, have a risk of blood clots, or have PCOS should be cautious when using this hormone therapy.

As far as side effects, it has been reported that headaches, upset stomach, nausea, bloating, and bruising at the injection site are all possible. Some serious side effects require medication intervention, they are: Severe pelvic pain, trouble breathing, lower urine output, weight gain and diarrhea. Side effects are generally mild and most find that it is well tolerated.

Understanding the Cycles and Ovulation
There are 28 days in a menstrual cycle. Once the period has ended, the ovulation period begins around day 14. Ovulation is when the Fallopian tubes release an egg and wait for fertilization. The woman is born with millions of eggs that are immature in nature. When the eggs mature, they make their journey through the female reproductive system to await sperm. Some women do not have viable eggs, meaning they have not matured.

The use of Gonal F helps these eggs to become viable by stimulating their process. Because the use of synthetic hormones cannot control all things, it is possible for multiple eggs to be released at once. If this occurs and a sperm meets the eggs; there can be multiple births. If you wonder how to use Gonal f to get the best results, make sure that you take it exactly as the doctor directs. By the third ovulation cycle using this hormone replacement, as many as 45 percent of women have become pregnant.

Increases the Chances of Pregnancy
Gonal F has been widely accepted and its success rates cannot be ignored. If the eggs are fertilized, it can take up to two weeks to attach and implant to the uterine wall. Within a couple weeks of the ovulation, schedule doctors can check to see if there is a pregnancy. Gonal F is not for long term use, but doctors will allow it to be used up to three cycles before taking a break. It is one of the best options on the market with a real chance at success.