At BesScription, we take fertility seriously. We are a licensed fertility pharmacy dedicated to our patients and helping them to achieve their dreams of conception and pregnancy. When you choose BesScription as your source for female fertility drugs, you can be sure that you are getting not only the highest quality prescription fertility medications, but also excellent customer service and individualized support to assist you on your fertility journey.

Female Fertility Drugs

We know how frustrating it can be to want to conceive and not be able to, and we are here to assist you in that goal, no matter the hurdles. When you need female fertility drugs as part of a fertility positive strategy including natural fertility treatments and a healthy lifestyle, choose BesScription. We do more than supply the medications; we help the person with dedicated service to our clients and support in every way we are able to provide it.

Infertility Affects Everyone

Infertility is an indiscriminant problem, affecting millions of Americans every year. No matter who you are or where you live, fertility is an issue that you should take seriously. When trying to conceive, we understand how difficult and trying it can be to experience one negative pregnancy after another. When you are ready to seek help, BesScription is here with a varied selection of female fertility drugs as well as natural fertility treatments and assistance from our fertility professionals to help you on your road to pregnancy.

The Causes of Female Infertility

There are many different sources of female infertility issues. Broadly, these fall into two categories; physical and hormonal. However, there is another division of fertility issues that separates it by the internal source of the difficulty. Female reproductive problems can be caused by the fallopian tubes, the uterus and/or the cervix, or can be caused by a difficulty with ovulation. Ovulation problems can be treated quite successfully with female fertility drugs as well as a move towards a healthier lifestyle and other natural treatments. If your fertility is caused by an unexplained cause, fertility drugs for women may be just as effective as with other causes, but there’s really no way to be sure without trying them.  For other causes, you should take to your doctor or fertility expert to get an idea of the treatments available.

Dealing with Infertility

When dealing with infertility, there are many options open to you. There are several issues that you should take into consideration when deciding if a treatment, including female fertility drugs, is right for you. The first is age. Women under 35 should wait a year of attempting conception before trying fertility treatments, while women 35 and older should wait only six months. Older women may suffer more complications with pregnancy, and have lower chances of conception than younger women, but you shouldn’t think that age alone will prevent you from successfully achieving and completing a pregnancy.

Achieving Your Fertility Goals

Besides age, other factors include overall health as well as reproductive history. When you are thinking of starting on female fertility drugs you should talk to your doctor about all the issues surrounding fertility in order to maximize your chances of a successful conception. At BesScription, we are here to assist you in any way we can in achieving the pregnancy you’ve always dreamed about. You can never be sure what the choices you are making will lead to in the future, you can only make the best choices possible with the information available to you, and to that end we are here with expert advice in order to help you make those decisions. BesScription is staffed with fertility experts of every kind, including pharmacists and nurses who have years and decades of experience in working with couples experiencing the same issues that you are. Don’t hesitate to come to us with any questions or concerns you may have about our products, including female fertility drugs as well as natural remedies that we sell. All our products are here to help you on the road to conception, and our staff is likewise ready to answer your questions and provide expert advice.