BesScription aims to provide only the very best fertility drugs for women who wish to conceive. One such medication we offer is Gonal F. It’s one of the many options we offer for treating fertility issues. The entire treatment process usually takes about three to six weeks, with the last week being the perfect time to attempt conception.

About Gonal F: The main function of Gonal F is to provide the hormone FSH, which assists the ovaries in producing eggs. It’s may be an ideal drug to take if clomiphene does not work with your body, or you simply don’t produce enough FSH and LH; these are the hormones that are essential for ovulation.

Unlike some other fertility medications, Gonal F is injected directly into the skin. It also requires various appointments with your doctor for monitoring purposes. Like all fertility drugs, close communication must be kept with your doctor during this process.

How the Process Works: This treatment is designed to assist your ovaries in producing eggs, keep an eye on your follicles, eventually release the mature eggs, and then designate the time of the conception. For the first step, the FSH present in the Gonal F injection will help your ovaries produce more eggs. This shot is usually taken daily.

After the follicles are suitable enough, you’ll receive an injection that allows the eggs to be released into your fallopian tubes. Up to 36 hours after the shot, you can have sex and possibly become pregnant.

Side Effects and Complications: A few side effects of Gonal F are nausea, headache, mild abdominal pain, vomiting, bloating, redness at the injection site, as well as slight breast pain. Please make sure to contact your doctor should these effects increase or linger. If other serious side effects such as unusual bleeding from the vagina, slurred speech, difficulty breathing, or swelling of other areas of the body occur, call your doctor immediately. However, many patients do not experience any of these more serious side effects of Gonal F.

However, like many other fertility treatment medications, Gonal F can sometimes cause a condition known as ovarion hyperstimulation syndrome, also known as OHSS. This is characterized by fluid buildup in the stomach and chest areas. A few symptoms are intense pain in your abdominal area, shortness of breath, swelling, as well as nausea and bloating. If left untreated, this can be life-threatening. This is why we urge you to consult your doctor as soon as you notice any of these strange symptoms.

At BesScription, we highly recommend against taking Gonal F if you are experiencing primary ovarian failure, where your ovaries are unable to create eggs efficiently.

Discover If Gonal F Is Right for You: As with all of our medications, this particular fertility drug comes with enclosed instructions and information. To obtain Gonal F, it must be prescribed by your doctor. You should also consult with your doctor beforehand regarding proper usage.

Gonal F has resulted in many success stories for women who were eventually able to conceive. Speak with us at BesScription or your doctor about this fertility drug to see if it’s the right choice for you. We’re proud suppliers of Gonal F.