BesScription is proud to offer a variety of fertility drugs, because we understand how difficult the conception process may be. We want you to experience the beauty of conceiving your own child and are dedicated to helping you. One of common medication we offer to increase fertility in women is Menopur. In fact, Menopur has been approved by the FDA to be an effective drug to help with fertility. Menopur is designed to assist in the production of eggs for women who experience issues with ovulation.

What is Menopur?

Menopur tends to be used alongside an assisted reproductive technology, also known as ART, program. It is also designed to be an injection that is applied under the skin. If you are unsure of Menopur’s instructions, please speak with your doctor or the pharmacists here at our company. Menopur can also be used in contraception treatments like in-vitro fertilization, also known as IVF. After follicles and eggs have successfully developed thanks to Menopur, the eggs can then be extracted and fertilized in a test tube. The final embryo will then be injected back into the womb so it can develop.

How the Process Works: Consisting of a blend of hormones, Menopur is designed to prompt the ovaries to produce more eggs. Menopur consists of equal amounts of FSH and LH; when combined, they help create eggs and enable ovulation. This is accomplished by having these hormones stimulate and increase the number of follicles. After enough treatments of Menopur have been made, hCG will be administered to start ovulation. You can possibly become pregnant if you have sex right after the entire Menopur process is completed.

Side Effects and Complications: Some common side effects of Menopur are nausea, vomiting, headache, swelling, redness at the injection area, and pain. However, if you experience symptoms such as allergic reactions, blurry vision or slurred speech, irregular breathing, fainting, or weakness on one side of your body, seek a doctor immediately.

Unfortunately, it is possible to have ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome, also known as OHSS, as a result of using Menopur. This can result in pelvic or breathing issues, mainly because OHSS causes fluid buildup in the stomach and chest areas. OHSS can be a potentially serious condition, and that’s why you should contact a healthcare professional as soon as possible if you have these symptoms with Menopur.

Similar to a few other fertility drugs, there is an increased risk of conceiving more than one child with Menopur. However, your doctor will discuss this with you and also provide you with the correct dose of Menopur for your body.

Discover If Menopur Is Right for You: When you receive Menopur, it’ll include a leaflet with extra information and instructions. In addition, you should always consult with your doctor or the pharmacists at BesScription should you have any questions about Menopur.

Menopur has worked for a large number of women experiencing fertility problems, mainly because it is a natural medication with no synthetic ingredients. If you believe Menopur may be right for you, please consult with your doctor. The pharmacists at BesScription would also be more than happy to discuss Menopur and its effects with you as well.