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Cetrotide (referred to as cetrorelix when injected) is a medicine intended to be used for the inhibition of gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH). GnRH is responsible for moderating how much luteinizing hormone (LH) is secreted, which has an ovulation-inducing effect during menstruation. Ideally, the application of the drug should help lower women’s susceptibility to premature LH surges. Generally, a cetrorelix injection is administered during a woman’s ovarian stimulation. Either the care provider or the patient may administer Cetrotide, but patients are advised to heed the suggestions of their doctors before attempting self-administration of the drug.

Cetrotide Injection Process

The intravenous application process of Cetrotide consists of the following steps: 1. After washing hands, remove the vial’s plastic cover and sterilize both the rubber stopper and aluminum ring. 2. Use the 20-gauge yellow mark to twist the injection needle on the syringe. 3. Penetrate the rubber stopper with the ring and dispensing the fluid into the vial. 4. With the syringe still inside of the vial, rotate the vial until the solvent has a clear consistency and no signs of any bubbles. 5. Take the vial’s fluid into the syringe with a careful draw, and ensure that all of the contents have been completely removed. 6. Take off the yellow-marked needle (20-gauge) and replace it with the injection needle (27-gauge). 7. Take care to rid the syringe of any remaining bubbles by depressing the plunger slowly. 8. Pick an area of the body located near your lower abdomen, but ensure that it isn’t within an inch of the navel. Swab the area with alcohol, allow the area to dry, and pinch the skin around the area. (As a safety precaution, be sure not to inject Cetrotide into the same injection area twice in a row. Doing so could lead to an irritating sensation.) 9. Inject the professionally-recommended dosage of solvent. 10. After completing the injection, dispose of them properly. Whenever possible, syringes and needles should be disposed of in containers that have been specially made for medical waste. Never use the same syringe and needle more than once, as this can be a health hazard.

Cetrotide Injection Dosage

A standard dosage is usually considered to be around 0.25mg, and it is generally administered on the 5th or 6th day of stimulation. The use of cetrotide is continued until the day that hCG is provided. The precedent for administering hCG is established via a preliminary ultrasound examination. If the ultrasound detects that there are a proper amount of follicles, then the green light is given to supply hCG.

Side Effects and Drug Interactions

Possible side effects include swelling, redness, and an itching sensation at the injection site. In some cases, patients have reported that injections have left them with headaches and feelings of nausea. To properly assess the risk of using the drug with other medications, patients should make a point to consult their care provider in order to assess the risk of any adverse drug interactions.


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