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Gonal-F is a type of fertility medication that contains follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH). This drug is used by women who have difficulty getting pregnant. It can help the ovaries develop and release one or more mature eggs.

Conditions Treated

Gonal F is used to treat infertility in women, specifically infertility caused by the failure of the ovaries to release a mature egg. It can also be used as part of an assistive reproductive technology program for women who are receiving additional fertility assistance. Dosage This injection comes in a preloaded pen containing either 300 IU, 450 IU, or 900 IU of the medication. This amount can be titrated in increments of 12.5 IU so that women are sure to receive a precisely correct dose.

Gonal F Side Effects

Side effects of this medication may include severe allergic reaction, including itchy skin, hives, facial swelling, and shortness of breath; abdominal bloating or pain caused by enlarged ovaries; a dangerous condition called ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome; lung problems, including exacerbation of existing asthma; blood clots; multiple pregnancy; ectopic pregnancy; miscarriage; and ovarian tumors. However, most women experience more mild side effects, including headache, bloating, nausea, and tenderness or bruising at the injection site. Drug


Drugs that may interact negatively when taken with Gonal F include clomiphene and gonadorelin. When prescribed Gonal F, always tell your doctor about other medications you take, including over the counter drugs as well as supplements.


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