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Novarel (Chorionic Gonadotropin) is a medication used by women to treat fertility problems. It is part of a cycle of drugs that typically comes after menotropins to cause the release of an egg, or ovulation. The medication comes in the form of an injection that can be administered by the female herself or by her partner. A doctor’s prescription is required.


The Novarel injection is a fertility medication that can be successful for women who have not yet undergone menopause. Stimulating healthy ovaries to generate eggs is its main function. It is a hormone with the generic name of human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) that is derived from human pregnancy urine aiding in the maturation of eggs. The particular dosage and day will depend on a woman’s hormone levels and her medicine profile, which can be complex for many female patients given that a sizable portion of its users may be taking other medications on a simultaneous basis.

Side Effects

Reported Novarel side effects are the following: Bloating Stomach/Pelvic pain Nausea Weight gain (* less common) Indigestion (* less common)

Drug Interactions

Women who are taking multiple medications at once are urged by physicians to be cautious and completely forthright. Nonprescription medication, herbal supplements, or even dietary supplements could potentially interfere and cause negative symptoms. It is extremely important for them to check with their doctor on a frequent basis for progress reports. Multiple prescriptions are commonplace with women taking Novarel, but only physicians with experience with fertility issues should create a regimen.


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