Omnitrope 5.8 mg

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Omnitrope is an intravenous injection used in the treatment of Prader-Willi Syndrome or PWS. PWS is a genetic condition which disturbs many growth developments in the body. This condition is nominally characterized by hypotonia – a syndrome classified by weaker or reduced muscle tone, developmental growth problems, developmentally delaying features, and difficulties in feeding. The drug is used to treat both children and adult patients displaying these physiognomies.


Omnitrope is administered in three different dosage forms: The Omitrope© Pen 5 casing – a 5 milligram/1.5 ounce syringe ready for site-injection The Omitrope© Pen 10 casing – a 10 milligram/3 ounce syringe ready for site-injection, and A 5.8-milligram vial package, containing the powdered somatropin, and the diluent containing bacteriostatic water and benzyl alcohol The dosage should be given daily, and in the evening, most preferably. Omnitrope as a Fertility Medication Growth hormone supplements, such as Omnitrope, have been shown to increase the efficacy of patients with pregnancy difficulties. Omnitrope has been shown to have a definite part in the stimulation of ovaries.

Omnitrope Side Effects

A few of the side effects for Omnitrope, are:

  • Lessening of touch sensation
  • Traces of urinal blood
  • Bowel movement problems
  • Cardio-pulse increase, and
  • Swelling in the facial regions

Drug Interactions

One should consult with his/her therapist if taking any other drugs. There are over two-hundred drug interactions with this drug ranging from the risk of moderate to severe, with fourteen minor interactions.


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